Syarikat Saintifik Jaya (Malaysia)

Scientific Apparatus & Instruments Solutions Provider

Laboratory Chemicals

We supply laboratory chemicals from  brands such as MERCK , SIGMA, JT Baker, R&M , SYSTERM & HmbG.

The following are list of chemicals we regularly supply to the educational, industrial & research laboratories.  Please contact us for further info or the chemical you are looking for is not in the list.


Acacia Powder                                                                                  500gm

Acetaldehyde, C.P                                                                           2.5L

Acetamine, C.P                                                                                 500gm

Acid, glacial, A.R                                                                                2.5L

Acetic Acid, 0.05mol/l (0.05N)                                                     1L

Acetic Acid, 0.1mol/l (0.1N)                                                         1L

Acetic Acid, 0.5mol/l (0.0N)                                                         1L

Acetic Acid, 1.0mol/l (1.0N)                                                         1L

Acetic Acid, 2.0mol/l (2.0N)                                                         1L

Aceto-Carmine                                                                                 100ml

Acetone, A.R/ACS/HPLC                                                                               2.5L

Acetonitrile, A.R/ACS/HPLC                                                         2.5L

Aceto-Orcein                                                                                     100ml

O-Acetylsalicylic Acid, C.P                                                             500gm

Acridine Orange                                                                               25gm

Acrylamide, AR                                                                                 500gm

Agar Agar NO.3                                                                                 500gm

Albumin, Chicken Egg                                                                     250gm

Alcohol Absolute ( Denatured ), AR                                         2.5L

Alcohol Absolute ( Undenatur ed ), AR                                   2.5L

Alcohol 95%( Undenatured ), AR                                                               2.5L

Alcohol 95%( Denatured ), AR                                                    2.5L

Alizarin, pH Indicator                                                                      25gm

Alizarin Red S, C.I                                                                             25gm

Alizarin Yellow GG, CI                                                                     5gm

Alizarin Sodium Sulfonate, pH Indicator                                 100gm

Alizarin Yellow G, pH Indicator                                                    5 gm

Alkali Blue 6B, CI                                                                               25gm

Aluminium Fine Powder                                                                               500gm

Aluminium Foil, C.P.                                                                        250gm

Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate, C.P                                     1kg

Aluminium Carbonate, GPR                                                         250gm

Aluminium Chloride, Anhydrous, C.P                                      500gm

Aluminium Hydroxide,    C.P                                                        1kg

Aluminium Nitrate, 9-Hydrate C.P                                            500gm

Aluminium Oxide, A.R                                                                    500gm

Aluminium Oxide, C.P                                                                    500gm

Aluminium Potassium Sulfate, A.R/ACS                                 500gm

Aluminium Sulfate, Hydrate, A.R/ACS                                     1kg

Aluminon, A.R                                                                                   25gm

Amaranth (Acid Red 27), C.I                                                        25gm

Amberlite Resin                (IRA-400Cl)                                                        500gm

Amberlite Resin                (IRA-120Na)                                                      500gm

4-Amino-3-Hydroxynaphthalene-1-Sulfonic Acid                               25gm

Ammonia Solution, 30%, A.R                                                       2.5L

Ammonia Solution, 25%, C.P                                                       2.5L

Ammonium Acetate, A.R.                                                            500gm

Ammonium Benzoate, C.P                                                           500gm

Ammonium Bicarbonate, C.P                                                      1kg

Ammonium Bromide, A.R                                                            500gm

Ammonium Carbonate, A.R/ACS                                                              500gm

Ammonium Ceric Sulphate, A.R                                                 100gm

Ammonium Chloride, A.R/ACS                                                   1kg

Ammonium Chromate, A.R                                                         500gm

Ammonium Cupric Sulfate, C.P                                                  500gm

Ammonium Dichromate, A.R/ACS                                            500gm

Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate, C.P                                               1kg

Ammonium Fluoride, C.P                                                             500gm

Ammonium Hydrogen Difluoride, A.R                                     1kg

di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R                             500gm

Ammonium Iodide, C.P                                                                 250gm

Ammonium Iron (II) Sulfate, A.R/ACS                                     500gm

Ammonium Iron (III) Sulfate, C.P                                                              1kg

Ammonium Molybdate, A.R                                                       500gm

Ammonium  Nitrate, A.R/ACS                                                    500gm

Ammonium Oxalate, 1-Hydrate, C.P                                        500gm

Ammonium Persulfate,  A.R                                                        500gm

Ammonium Sulfate,  C.P                                                               1kg

Ammonium Tartrate,  A.R                                                            500gm

Ammonium Tetramethylenedithiocarbanate, C.P             10gm

Ammonium Thiocyanate,  A.R/ACS                                          500gm

Ammonium Thiocyanate, 0.1N                                                   1L

Ammonium Thiocyanate, 1.0N                                                   1L

Ammonium Thiosulfate, C.P                                                       500gm

Ammonium  Tungstate, GPR                                                       100gm

Ammonium meta-Vanadate, A.R/ACS                                    500gm


n-Amyl Acetate, C.P                                                                       1L

n-Amyl Alcohol, C.P                                                                        2.5L

iso-Amyl Alcohol, C.P                                                                     2.5L


Aniline, C.P                                                                                         1L

Aniline Blue, Alcohol Soluble                                                       25gm

Aniline Blue, 1% alcoholic solution                                            500ml

Aniline Sulfate Alcoholic (acidified )                                         100ml

p-Anisidine                                                                                         250gm

Anthrone, A.R                                                                                   100gm

Anthrone, A.R                                                                                   1kg

Anti Bumping Granule,lab                                                            250gm

Antimonyl Potasium Tartrate, A.R                                            250gm

Antimonyl Potassium Tartrate, A.R                                          100gm

Antimonyl Powder, A.R/ACS                                                       100gm

Antimonyl Trichloride, C.P                                                            100gm

Antimonyl Pentachloride, C.P                                                     100ml

L-Arginine                                                                                           100gm

Arsenazo III, C.P                                                                                               5gm

Arsenic Pentoxide, C.P                                                                  250gm

Ascorbic Acid, A.R                                                                            250gm

L-(+) Arsparagine 1-Hydrate, C.P                                                               100gm

L-(+) Aspartic  Acid, C.P                                                                 100gm

DL-(+) Aspartic Acid, C.P                                                                               500gm

Auramine O, C.I                                                                                50gm

Azoeosin, C.P                                                                                    25gm

Azomethine H, A.R                                                                          5gm

Azur I, C.I                                                                                             25gm

Azur II, C.I                                                                                           25gm



Barium Acetate, C.P                                                                        500gm

Barium Carbonate, A.R/ACS                                                        500gm
Barium Carbonate, C.P                                                                  1kg

Barium Chloride, 2-Hydtrate, A.R/ACS                                    1kg

Barium Chloride, 2-Hydtrate, C.P                                              500gm

Barium Diphenyl Sulfonate, A.R/ACS                                       10gm

Barium Hydroxide, 8-Hydrate, C.P                                            500gm

Barium Nitrate, C.P                                                                         500gm

Barium Oxide, C.P                                                                            1kg

Barium Peroxide, C.P                                                                     1 kg

Barium Sulfate, A.R/ACS                                                                               500gm

Barium Sulfate, C.P                                                                         1kg

Barium Sulfate, C.P                                                                         100gm

Benedict’s Reagent, C.P                                                                                1L

Benzaldehyde, C.P                                                                          2.5L

Benzaldehyde, C.P                                                                          1L

Benzene, C.P                                                                                     2.5L

Benzidine Dihydrochloride, A.R/ACS                                       10gm

Benzoic Acid, C.P                                                                              500gm

Benzoyl Chloride, C.P                                                                     500ml

N⁶ – Benzylaminopurine, A.R                                                       5gm

Benzyl Alcohol, A.R                                                                         2.5L

Benzyl Benzoate, C.P                                                                     500ml

Benzyl Chloride, C.P                                                                        1L

Bicarbonate Indicator Solution, C.P                                          1L

D(+) Biotin (Vit.B)                                                                            1gm

2,2,Bipyridyl, A.R                                                                              5gm

Bismark BrownY, CI                                                                         25gm

Bismuth Carbonate, Basic, C.P                                                    100gm

Bismuth Chloride, C.P                                                                    100gm

Bismuth Nitrate, 5-Hydrate, C.P                                                                500gm

Biuret’s Reagent, C.P                                                                     1L

Borax, A.R/ACS                                                                                 500gm

Borax, Carmine                                                                                 100ml

Boric Acid, C.P                                                                                   500gm

Boron trifluoride methanol complex                                       500ml

Brilliant Green, CI                                                                             25gm

Brilliant Orange, CI                                                                           5gm

Brilliant Yellow, CI                                                                            5gm

Bromine, C.P                                                                                      250ml

Bromocresol Green, WaterSoluble                                          10gm

Bromocresol Green, WaterSoluble                                          5gm

Bromocresol Green, 0.04% Solution                                        500ml

Bromocresol Green, 0.1% Alcoholic                                         500ml

Bromocresol Purple, Indicator                                                    10gm

Bromocresol Purple, Indicator                                                    5gm

Bromocresol Purple, 0.04% Solution                                        500ml

Bromocresol Purple, 0.1% Alcoholic                                         500ml

Bromoethane, C.P                                                                           250ml

1-Bromonapthalene, C.P                                                              100ml

Bromophenol Blue, Water Soluble                                           10gm

Bromophenol Blue,gm 0.04% Solution                                    500ml

Bromophenol Blue, 0.1% Alcoholic                                           500ml

Bromothymol Blue, Indicator                                                      10gm

Bromothymol Blue, Indicator                                                      5gm

Bromothymol Blue, 0.04% Solution                                          500ml

Bromothymol Blue, 0.1% Alcoholic                                           500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 1                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 2                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 3                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 4                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 5                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 6                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 7                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 8                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 9                                                                      500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 10                                                                    500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 11                                                                    500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 12                                                                    500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 13                                                                    500ml

Buffer Solution, pH 14                                                                    500ml

Buffer Tablets pH4                                                                          50 tabs

Buffer Tablets pH7                                                                          50 tabs

Buffer  Tablets pH9                                                                         50 tabs

n-Butanol, C.P                                                                                   2.5L

iso-Butanol, C.P                                                                                                2.5L

sec-Butanol, C.P                                                                               2.5L

tert-Butanol, A.R                                                                              4L

tert-Butylamine, GPR                                                                     100ml

tert-Butyl Chloride, C.P                                                                 1L

iso-Butyraldehyde, C.P                                                                  1L

iso-Butyric Acid, C.P                                                                        500ml


Cadmium Acetate, A.R.                                                                 500gm

Cadmium Carbonate, C.P.                                                            100gm

Cadmium Chloride, C.P                                                                  100gm

Cadmium Oxide, C.P                                                                       100gm

Cadmium Sulfate, C.P                                                                    250gm

Caffeine                                                                                               500gm

Calcium Granular                                                                              100gm

Calcium Acetate, A.R                                                                      500gm

Calcium Carbonate, C.P                                                                 1kg

Calcium Carbonate, A.R                                                                 1kg

Calcium Chloride, Fused, Anhydrous, granular, C.P           500gm

Calcium Chloride, anhydrous powder, C.P                            500gm

Calcium Chloride, 2-Hydrate, C.P                                               1kg

Calcium Fluoride, C.P                                                                      500gm

Calcium Hardness Indicator Tablets                                          100 tabs

di-Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate, C.P                                      500gm

Calcium Hydroxide, C.P                                                                 500gm

Calcium Nitrate, 4-Hydrate, C.P                                                 1kg

Calcium Oxalate, A.R/ACS                                                            100gm

Calcium Oxide , Lump, C.P                                                            1kg

Calcium Oxide , Powder, C.P                                                       500gm

di-Calcium Phosphate, C.P                                                           500gm

Calcium Phosphate, monohydrate, C.P                                  500gm

Tri-Calcium Phosphate, C.P                                                          500gm

Calcium Sulfate, 2-Hydrate, C.P                                                 1kg

Calcium Sulfate, 2-Hydrate, C.P                                                 500gm

Calcon, CI                                                                                            1gm

Camphor, Synthetic powder, C.P                                              500gm

Canada Balsam, Natural                                                                                100gm

Canada Balsam, 50% in Xylene                                                   100ml

Carbaryl                                                                                               1gm

Carborundum (Silicon Carbide ), C.P                                        500gm

Carbon Disulfate, C.P                                                                     2.5L

Carbol Gentian Violet Stain                                                          250ml

Carbol Fuchsin Stain                                                                        25gm

Carmine CI                                                                                          5gm

Castor Oil                                                                                             1L

Catechol Violet, Complex Indicator                                          5gm

Celestine Blue CI                                                                              10gm

Celite 545                                                                                            1kg

Cetyl Alcohol, C.P                                                                             500gm
Charcoal Activated, C.P                                                                 500gm

Charcoal, Animal, Tech                                                                  1kg

Chloroacetic Acid , for syn.                                                           1kg

Chloroacetic Acid, for syn.                                                            500gm

Chlorobenezene, C.P                                                                     2.5L

Chloroform, B.P                                                                                                2.5L

Chloroform, A.R/ACS                                                                     2.5L

Chlorophenol Red, pH Indicator                                                                5gm

Chromium (III) Chloride, C.P                                                       500gm

Chromium (III) Nitrate, 9-Hydrate, C.P                                   1kg

Chromium (IV) Oxide (Chromium Trioxide), C.P                         500gm

Chromium Potassium Sulfate, 12-Hydrate, C.P                   500gm

Chromium (III) Sulfate, C.P                                                          250gm

Chromotope 2R                                                                                                25gm

Chrysoidin R, CI                                                                                 25gm

Citric Acid, anhydrous, C.P                                                           1kg

Citric Acid, 1- Hydrate, C.P                                                            1kg

Cobalt (II) Carbonate, C.P                                                             500gm

Cobalt (II) Chloride, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                          500gm

Cobalt (II) Chloride, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                          100gm

Cobalt (II) Nitrate, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                             500gm

Cobalt (II) Oxide, C.P                                                                      100gm

Cobalt (II) Sulfate, 7-Hydrate, C.P                                             500gm

Congo Red, CI                                                                                    25gm

Copper Foil, C.P                                                                                                250gm

Copper Powder, C.P                                                                       100gm

Copper Turning, C.P                                                                        500gm

Copper (II) Acetate, 1-Hydrate, C.P                                         500gm

Copper (II) Carbonate, A.R                                                          500gm

Copper (II) Chloride, 2-Hydrate, C.P                                        1kg

Copper (II) Nitrate, 3-Hydrate, A.R                                           500gm

Copper (II) Oxide, C.P                                                                    500gm

Copper (II) Sulfate, 5-Hydrate, C.P                                           1kg

Copper (II) Sulfate, 5-Hydrate, A.R                                           1kg

Copper (II) Sulfate, 5-Hydrate, A.R                                           500gm

Copper Sulfide, C.P                                                                         250gm

Cotton Blue, Lactophenol, stain                                                 100ml

Cresol Red, water soluble, pH Indicator, stain                     25gm

Cresol Red, 0.02%, Indicator Solution, stain                          500ml

Cresyl Fast Violet, stain                                                                 5gm

Cristal Violet, CI                                                                                                25gm

Cupferron, A.R                                                                                  25gm

Crystal Violet, 0.5% Solution, stain                                            500ml

Cyclohexane, A.R                                                                             2.5L

Cyclohexanone, A.R                                                                       2.5L


Decon 90                                                                                             5L

Devardas Alloy, LAB                                                                        100gm

Di-Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R.                            500gm

Diastate, Biochem                                                                           100gm

1,2-Dibromoethane, C.P                                                                               250ml

1,2-Dibromoethane, C.P                                                                               2.5L

Dibutylphthalate, C.P                                                                     2.5L

Dibutylphthalate, C.P                                                                     500ml

2,7,Dichloroflourescein, Indicator, stain                                 10gm

Dichloromethane, A.R                                                                   2.5L

2,6-Dichlorophenolindophenol sodium salts, A.R                               5gm

Diethyl aniline, C.P                                                                          500gm

Diethyl Ether, A.R                                                                            2.5L

Diethyl Ketone, C.P                                                                         1L

Dieethylphosphate, C.P                                                                                500ml

Diethyl Phthalate, C.P                                                                    500ml

1,2,Dihydroxybenzene 3,5,Sulfonic Acid Sodium , A.R     100gm

Dihydroxy-Phenyl-L-Alanine                                                       25gm

p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde, C.P                                       100gm

N,N,Dimethylaniline, 99%                                                            500gm

N,N-Dimethylformamide, A.R                                                    2.5L

Dimethylsulfoxide, C.P                                                                  2.5L

Dimethylgloxime, A.R                                                                    50gm

1,3-Dinitrobenzene, C.P                                                                                100gm

1,4-Dioxane, C.P                                                                               2.5L

Diphenylamine, C.P                                                                        500gm

Diphenylamine, A.R                                                                        100gm

1,5-Diphenylcarbazide, A.R                                                          10gm

1,5-Diphenylcarbazone, A.R                                                        10gm

Diphenyloxazole (PPO), Scint.                                                    100gm

Dipicrylamine, A.R                                                                           5gm

di-Pottasium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R                                 500gm

Disulfur Dichloride, C.P                                                                  1L

di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, anhydrous, A.R                              500gm

di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate,2-Hydrate, C.P                 1kg

Dodeca-Molybdophosphoric Acid, A.R                                   100gm

Dodeca-Tungstophosporic Acid, A.R                                        100gm

DPX Mountant, Biochem                                                              500ml

Dutch  Metal, LAB                                                                            1pk



EDTA, Free Acid, A.R                                                                       1kg

EDTA, Free Acid, A.R                                                                       500gm

EDTA, Di-Sodium Salts, A.R/ACS                                                                500gm

EDTA, Di-Sodium Salts,0.1 mol/L(0.1N)                                   1L

EDTA, Di-Sodium Salts,0.05mil/L(0.05N)                                 1L

EDTA, Di-Sodium Salts,0.01mol/L(0.01N)                               1L

EDTA, Tetra-Sodim Salts, C.P                                                       500gm

Eosin Y, stain                                                                                      25gm

Eosin, 1% Alcoholic Solutions, stain                                          500ml

Eriochrome Black T, stain                                                              100gm

Eriochrome Black T, stain                                                              25gm

Erythrosine B, CI, Stain                                                                  100gm

Erythrosine B, CI, Stain                                                                  25gm

Ethanol. see – Alcohol

Ethyl Acetate, C.P                                                                            2.5L

Ethyl Cinnamate, C.P                                                                      500ml

Ethyl Cinnamate, C.P                                                                      50kg

Ethylene Glycol, A.R                                                                       2.5L

Ethylene Glycol monoethyl Ether, C.P                                    2.5L

Ethylene Glycol monomethyl Ether, C.P                                                2.5L

Ethyl Methyl Ketone, C.P                                                             2.5L


Fast Blue B Salt, stain                                                                      25gm

Fehling A, A.R                                                                                    1L

Fehling B, A.R                                                                                    1L

Ferric Salts, see – Iron(III)

Ferrous Salts. see – Iron(II)

Ferroin Indicator Solution, stain                                                 100ml

Formamide, C.P                                                                                                1L

Formic Acid, 90% C.P                                                                      2.5L

D-Fructose, C.P                                                                                 500gm

Fuchsin Acid, A.R                                                                              25gm

Fuchsin Basic, A.R                                                                            25gm

Fusion Mixture, A.R/ACS                                                              500gm


Gelatin, B.P                                                                                        500gm

Gentian Violet CI, Stain                                                                 25gm

Giemsas Stain powder, Stain                                                      25gm

Giemsas Stain Solution, Stain                                                      500ml

Glass Bead, LAB                                                                                                500gm

Glass Clean (Detergent), LAB                                                      5L

Glass Wool, LAB                                                                                                500gm

D-Glucose, Anhydrous, C.P                                                         500gm

D-Glucose, monohydrate, C.P                                                    1kg

L-Glutamic Acid , Biochem                                                            250gm

Glycerol, anhydrous, A.R                                                              2.5L

Glycine, C.P                                                                                        500gm

Grams Iodine Stain                                                                          25gm

Graphite, powder, C.P                                                                   500gm

Gum Acacia, powder C.P                                                              500gm


Haematoxylin, CI, stain                                                                  100gm

Haematoxylin, (Delafied), Biochem                                         500ml

Haematoxylin, (Ehrlich), Biochem                                             500ml

Haematoxylin, (Harris), Biochem                                               500ml

n-Heptane, C.P                                                                                 2.5L

n-Hexane, C.P                                                                                   2.5L

Hexamine, C.P                                                                                  1kg

Hydrazium Sulfate, A.R                                                                  500gm

Hydrobromic Acid, 48-50%, C.P                                                  2.5L

Hydrochloric Acid, 37%, A.R/ACS                                               2.5L


Hydrochloric Acid, 0.01mol/L,(0.01N)                                      1L

Hydrochloric Acid, 0.1mol/L,(0.1N)                                           1L

Hydrochloric Acid, 0.5mol/L,(0.5N)                                           1L

Hydrochloric Acid, 1.0mol/L,(1.0N)                                           1L

Hydrochloric Acid, 5.0mol/L,(5.0N)                                           1L


Hydroflouric Acid, 48-50%, A.R                                                   2.5L

Hydrogen Peroxide, 30%, A.R                                                     2.5L

Hydrogen Peroxide, 30%, C.P                                                     2.0L


-3-naphthoic Acid, A.R                                                                   1g

Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride, A.R                                          500gm

8-Hydroxyquinoline, A.R/ACS                                                     100gm

Hypophosphorus Acid, C.P                                                          500ml

Hypoxanthine, A.R                                                                          5gm


Indigo Carmine. CI, stain                                                               25gm

Invertase from Bakers Yeast                                                      1g

Iodine, Resublimed, C.P                                                                                100gm

Iodine, 0.05mol/L(0.1N)                                                                                1L

Iodine, 1% Solution                                                                         1L

Iodoform, C.P                                                                                    250gm

Iron, powder , 230 mesh, A.R                                                     500gm

Iron (III) Chloride, anhydrous, C.P                                            1kg

Iron (III) Chloride, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                              1kg

Iron (III) Nitrate, 9-Hydrate, C.P                                                                1kg

Iron (III) Oxide, red, C.P                                                                                500gm

Iron (III) Oxide, black, C.P                                                             500gm

Iron (III) Phosphate, C.P                                                                               250gm

Iron (II) Sulfate, 7-Hydrate, A.R                                                 500gm

Iron (II) Sulfide, C.P                                                                         500gm

Iron (III) Sulfate, C.P                                                                       500gm

Iso-Amyl-Acetate, C.P                                                                   2.5L

Iso-Amyl Alcohol, C.P                                                                     2.5L

Iso-Butanol, C.P                                                                                                2.5L

Iso-Butyraldehyde, C.P                                                                 1L

Iso-Butyric Acid, C.P                                                                        500ml

Iso-Propyl-Alcohol, A.R                                                                 2.5L


Lactic Acid, 88% A.R                                                                         1L

Lactophenol, for Microscopy                                                      500ml

Lactose, 1-Hydrate, C.P                                                                 500gm

Lactose, 1-Hydrate, C.P                                                                 100gm

Lead, Foil, C.P                                                                                    500gm

Lead, powder, C.P                                                                           500gm

Lead (II) Acetate, Basic, A.R                                                         500gm

Lead (II) Acetate, 3 – Hydrate, A.R                                           500gm

Lead Bromide, AR                                                                            500gm

Lead (II) Carbonate, CP                                                                 500gm

Lead (II) Chloride, CP                                                                      500gm

Lead (II) Nitrate, AR                                                                        500gm

Lead (II) Oxide, CP                                                                           500gm

Lead (IV) Oxide, CP                                                                         500gm

Lead (II,IV) Oxide, CP                                                                     500gm

Lead Sulfate, CP                                                                                               250gm

Lead Sulfide, CP                                                                                                250gm

Lead Tartrate,AR                                                                              100gm

Leishmans Stain for microscopical                                             25gm

Leishmans Stain Solution for microscopical                           500ml

Light Green SF, Stain                                                                      25gm

D –Limonene, CP                                                                             500ml

Lipase, from Pocrine Pancreas, Biochem                                               1g

Lithuim Carbonate, C.P                                                                  100g

Lithuim Chloride, C.P                                                                      100g

Lithuim  Nitrate, C.P                                                                        100g

Lithium Sulphate, 1-Hydrate, C.P                                              100g

Loeffler, Methylene Blue, f or microscopical                        500ml

Luxol Fast Blue MBS, Stain                                                           25g


Magnesium Powder, C.P                                                              500g

Magnesium Carbonate, Light, C.P                                             500g

Magnesium Chloride, 6-Hydrate, A.R                                      500g

Magnesium Chloride, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                      1kg

Magnesium Nitrate, 6-Hydrate, A.R                                         1kg

Magnesium Oxide, Light, C.P                                                      500g

Magnesium Perchlorate, C.P                                                      250g

Magnesium, Ribbon, C.P                                                              25g

Magnesium Sulphate, anhydrous, C.P                                    500g

Magnesium Sulphate, 7-Hydrate, A.R                                     1kg

Magnesium, Turning, C.P                                                             500g

Malachite Green, C142000, pH Indicator, Stain                    25g

Maleic Acid, C.P                                                                                                250g

DL-Malic Acid, C.P                                                                            500g

Maltose, 1-Hydrate, C.P                                                                                250g

Manganese (II) Acetate, 4-Hydrate, C.P                                                500g

Manganese (II) Carbonanate, C.P                                             500g

Manganese (II) Chloride, 4-Hydrate, C.P                                               500g

Manganese (II) Nitrate, 4-Hydrate, C.P                                  500g

Manganese (IV) Oxide, C.P                                                         1kg

Manganese (II) Sulphate, 1-Hydrate, A.R                                              500g

D-Mannitol, Biochem                                                                     500g

Mercury, 99.999%                                                                            1kg

Mercury (II) Chloride, A.R                                                            100g

Mercury (II) Sulphate, A/R/ACS                                                 100g

Methanol, A.R/ACS                                                                         2.5L

Methyl  Ethyl Ketone, C.P                                                            2.5L

Methylene Blue, CI.52015, Stain                                                                25g

Methylene Blue, 1%, Aqueous Solution, Stain                    500ml

Methylene Blue, Alkaline, (Loeffler), Stain                           500ml

Methylene Chloride, A.R/ACS                                                    2.5L

Methyl  Green, CI.42585, Stain                                                   25g

Methyl  Hydroxybenzoate, C.P                                                  250g

Methyl  Isobutyl  Ketone, C.P                                                     2.5L

Methyl  Orange, CI.13025, pH indicator, Stain                      100g

Methyl  Orange, 0.1% Solution, Stain                                      1L

Methyl  Red, CI.13020, pH indicator, Stain                             25g

Methyl  Red, 0.1%, Alcoholic, Stain                                           500ml

Metol, C.P                                                                                           100g

Millon’s Reagent, C.P                                                                     500ml

Molybdenum Trioxide, C.P                                                          100g

Dodeca-Molybdophosphoric Acid, A,R                                   100g


Napthalene, C.P                                                                                               500g

1-Napthalene, C.P                                                                           100g

2-Naphthol, C.P                                                                                                250g

Neutral Red, CI.50040, pH indicator, Stain                             25g

Neutral Red, 1% Alcoholic Solution, Stain                              500ml

Nickel (II) Carbonate, Basic , C.P                                                                500g

Nickel (II) Chloride, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                           1kg

Nickel (II) Nitrate, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                              500g

Nickel (II) Sulphate, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                          1kg

Nickel (II) Sulphate, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                          500g

Nitric Acid, 65% A.R                                                                         2,5L

Nitrobenzene, C.P                                                                           500ml

2-Nitrophenol, C.P                                                                          100g

4-Nitrophenol, C.P                                                                          100g

Nipagin, B.P                                                                                        100g


Oil Red O, CI.26125, Stain`                                                            10g

Oleic Acid, C.P                                                                                   2.5L

Orange G, CI.16230, Stain                                                             25g

Orcein, Synthetic, Stain                                                                 5g

Orcinol, C.P                                                                                         25g

O-Phosphoric Acid, 85%, C.P                                                       2.5L

Osmic Acid, 99.9%                                                                            1g Amp

Oxalic Acid, A.R                                                                                 500g


Palladium (II) Chloride, A.R                                                          100g

Paraffin Liquid Light, C.P                                                               2.5L

n-Pentane, C.P                                                                                 2.5L

Pepsin, 1~3000 units, Biochem                                                   100g

Peptone, Bacteriology                                                                   250gm

Perchloric  Acid 60%, A.R                                                               2.5L

Perchloroethylene, A.R                                                                 2.5L

Petroleum Ether, 40 – 60°C                                                          2.5L

Petroleum Ether, 60 – 80°C                                                          2.5L

Petroleum Ether, 80 – 100°C                                                       2.5L

Petroleum Ether, 100– 120°C                                                      2.5L

1,10-Phenanthroline,monohydrate, AR/ACS                       25gm

1,10-Phenanthroline,monohydrate, AR/ACS                       10gm

1,10-Phenanthroline,monohydrate, AR/ACS                       205gm

Phenol, Detached Crystal, A.R                                                    500gm

Phenolphthalein, A.R                                                                     100gm

Phenolphthalein, 0.1% Alcoholic, “Stain”                               500ml

Phenolphthalein, 0.1% Alcoholic, “Stain”                               1L

Phenolphthalein, 1% Alcoholic, “Stain”                                   1L

Phenol Red Water Soluble, pH Indicator , “Stain”               25gm

Phenol Red, 0.02% Indicator Solution, “Stain”                     500ml

Phenyl Hydrazine, C.P                                                                    250ml

Phenyl Hydrazine, C.P                                                                    2.5L

Phenyl Mercuric Acetate, C.P                                                     100gm

o-Phosphoric Acid , 85%, C.P                                                       2.5L

Phosphorus Pentoxide, C.P                                                         500gm

Phosphorus Trichcloride, C.P                                                      250ml

Phloroglucinol,C.P                                                                           10gm

Potassium Acetate, C.P                                                                 1kg

Potassium Antimonyl Tartrate, A.R                                          100gm

Potassium Antimonyl Tartrate, A.R                                          500gm

Potassium Bicarbonate, C.P                                                         500gm

Potassium Bromide, C.P                                                                                1kg

Potassium Carbonate, anhydrous, A.R                                   1kg

Potassium Chloride, A.R                                                                                500gm

Potassium Chloride, C.P                                                                                1kg

Potassium Chromate, AR/ACS                                                    500gm

Potassium Chromate, 5% Solution, “READIL”                       1L

Potassium Citrate, C.P                                                                   1kg

Potassium Cyanide, C.P                                                                 1kg

Potassium Dichromate, C.P                                                         1kg

Potassium Dichromate, A.R/ACS                                                               500gm

Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate, anhydrous, C.P          1kg

Potassium Disulfate, C.P                                                                               500gm

Potassium Ferricyanide, A.R                                                        500gm

Potassium Ferrocyanide, A.R/ACS                                            500gm

Potassium Fluoride, C.P                                                                                250gm

Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate, C.P                                       500gm

di-Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate, A.R                                                500gm

Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate, A.R/ACS                                              500gm

Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate, C.P                                              500gm

Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate, A.R                                           500gm

Potassium Hydroxide, Pellets, A.R                                            1kg

Potassium Hydroxide, 0.1mol/L (0.1N), “READIL”               1L

Potassium Hydroxide, 0.5mol/L (0.5N), “READIL”               1L

Potassium Hydroxide, 1.0mol/L (1.0N), “READIL”               1L

Potassium Iodate, A.R                                                                   100gm

Potassium Iodate, A.R                                                                   500gm

Potassium Iodide, A.R/ACS                                                          500gm

Potassium Metabisulfate, C.P                                                    1kg

Potassium Nitrate, C.P                                                                   1kg

Potassium Nitrate, A.R/ACS                                                        1kg

Potassium Oxalate, 1-Hydrate, A.R                                          500gm

Potassium Periodate, C.P                                                             100gm

Potassium Permanganate, C.P                                                   1kg

Potassium Permanganate, C.P                                                   500gm

Potassium Permangante, 0.01mol/(0.05N), READIL          1L

Potassium Permangante, 0.02mol/(0.1N), READIL             1L

Potassium Persulfate, C.P                                                            1kg

Potassium Persulfate, C.P                                                            500gm

Potassium Sodium Tartrate, 4-Hydrate, C.P                          1kg

Potassium Sodium Tartrate,4-Hydrate, C.P                           500gm

Potassium Sodium Tartrate, 4-Hydrate, A.R/ACS                               250gm

Potassium Sulfate, A.R                                                                  1kg

di-Potassium Tartrate,0.5-Hydrate, C.P                                  250gm

Potassium Thiocyanate, AR/ACS                                                               500gm

Potassium Tetra-oxalate,2-Hydrate, C.P                                                250gm

1-Propanol, C.P                                                                                 2.5L

2-Propanol, A.R/ACS                                                                      2.5L

Propanioc Acid , C.P                                                                        500ml

Propylene Glycol, C.P                                                                     2.5L

Pyridine, AR/ACS                                                                             2.5L

Pyrogallol, C.P                                                                                   100gm

1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-napthol, (PAN), Indicator, Stain           5gm


8-Quinolinol, A.R                                                                              50gm

Quinol, A.R                                                                                         500gm

Quinalizarin, A.R                                                                               5gm


Resorcinol, C.P                                                                                  100gm


Safranin O, Stain                                                                               25gm

Salicyclic Acid, C.P                                                                            500gm

Schultze Solution, Stain                                                                 100ml

Sea Sand, Acid Washed, C.P                                                        1kg

Silica Gel, Indicating Blue, C.P                                                     1kg

Silicic Acid, C.P                                                                                   500gm

Silicon Dioxide, C.P                                                                          500gm

Silicon Grease

Silicon Oil, (Viscocity350cps), C.P                                               2.5L

Silver Nitrate, A.R                                                                            100gm

Silver Nitrate, A.R                                                                            500gm

Silver Nitrate, 0.05mol/L(0.05N)                                                                500ml

Silver Nitrate, 0.05mol/L(0.05N)                                                                2.5L

Silver Nitrate, 0.1mol/L(0.1N)                                                     500ml

Silver Nitrate, 0.1mol/L(0.1N)                                                     2.5L

Silver Nitrate, 1.0mol/L(1.0N)                                                     500ml

Silver Nitrate, 1.0mol/L(1.0N)                                                     2.5L

Silver Sulfate, A.R                                                                            100gm

Sodium Acetate, anhydrous, C.P                                                               500gm

Sodium Acetate, 3-Hydrate, A.R                                                                1kg

Sodium Azide, A.R                                                                           100gm

Sodium Benzoate, C.P                                                                   500gm

Sodium Bicarbonate, C.P                                                              1kg

Sodium Bisulfate, C.P                                                                     500gm

Sodium Bromide, C.P                                                                     500gm

Sodium Carbonate, anhydrous, A.R                                         1kg

Sodium Carbonate, anhydrous, A.R                                         500gm

Sodium Carbonate, 10-Hydrate, C.P                                        1kg

Sodium Chlorate, C.P                                                                     1kg

Sodium Chloride, A.R                                                                     1kg

Sodium Chlorite, C.P                                                                       500gm

Tri-Sodium Citrate, C.P                                                                  1kg

Sodium Cobaltnitrile, A.R                                                              100gm

Sodium Dichromate, C.P                                                               1kg

Sodium Disulfite, C.P                                                                      500gm

Sodium Dithionate, C.P                                                                 1kg

Sodium Floride, C.P                                                                         500gm

Sodium Formate, C.P                                                                     500gm

Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate, anhydrous, C.P                                500gm

Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate,2-Hydrate, C.P                  500gm

Sodium Hexametaphosphate, C.P                                            1kg

di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, anhydrous,C.P                               500gm

di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, 2-Hydrate,C.P                 500gm

di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, 12-Hydrate,C.P                              500gm

Sodium Hydrogen Tartrate, C.P                                                 1kg

Sodium Hydroxide Pelets, A.R                                                    1kg

Sodium Hydroxide, 0.01mol/L(0.01N)                                     1L

Sodium Hydroxide, 0.1mol/L(0.1N)                                          1L

Sodium Hydroxide, 0.5mol/L(0.5N)                                          1L

Sodium Hydroxide, 1.0mol/L(1.0N)                                          1L

Sodium Hypochlorite, C.P                                                             2.5L

Sodium Iodate, C.P                                                                         1kg

Sodium Iodide, C.P                                                                          1oogm

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, C.P                                                           500gm

Sodium Metasilicate, powder, C.P                                            1kg

Sodium Methoxide,C.P                                                                 500gm

Sodium Molybdate, C.P                                                                                250gm

Sodium Nitrate, C.P                                                                        1kg

Sodium Nitrite, C.P                                                                          500gm

Sodium Nitroprusside, A.R                                                           100gm

di-Sodium Oxalate, A.R                                                                 500gm

Sodium Peroxide, A.R                                                                    500gm

Sodium Persulfate, C.P                                                                  500gm

Tri-Sodium Phosphate, C.P                                                          250gm

Tetra-Sodium pyrophosphate, C.P                                           500gm

Sodium Salicylate, C.P                                                                    250gm

Sodium Silicate, C.P                                                                         1L

Sodium Sulfate,anhydrous, A.R                                                 1kg

Sodium Sulfate,10-Hydrate, A.R                                                                1kg

Sodium Sulfide, flake, C.P                                                            500gm

Sodium Sulfite,anhydrous, A.R                                                  1kg

Sodium Tartrate, C.P                                                                      500gm

Sodium Tetraborate, 10-Hydrate, A.R                                     500gm

Sodium Thiocyanate, C.P                                                              500gm

Sodium Thiosulfate, 5-Hydrate, A.R                                         1kg

Sodium Thiosulfate,0.1mol/L(0.1N)                                         1L

Sodium Thiosulfate,1.0mol/L(1.0N)                                         1L

Sodium Tungstate, anhydrous                                                   100gm

Sodium Tungstate, C.P                                                                  500gm

Starch Soluble, C.P                                                                          500gm

Stearic Acid, C.P                                                                                                500gm

Strontium Chloride, A.R                                                                                500gm

Strontium Carbonate, C.P                                                            500gm

Succinic Acid, C.P                                                                              500gm

Sucrose, C.P                                                                                       1kg

Sudan III, Stain                                                                                  25gm

Sudan Black, Stain                                                                            25gm

Sulphamic Acid, A.R                                                                        1kg

Sulphur Powder, C.P                                                                      500gm

Sulphur Sublimed, C.P                                                                   500gm

Sulphuric Acid, 95-97%, A.R                                                         2.5L

Sulphuric Acid,0.005mol/L(0.01N)                                             1L

Sulphuric Acid,0.05mol/L(0.05N)                                               1L

Sulphuric Acid,0.5mol/L(0.5N)                                                    1L

Sunset Yellow. Stain                                                                       25gm



Talcum Powder, C.P                                                                        500gm

Tannic Acid, C.P                                                                                                500gm

Tartaric Acid, C.P                                                                              500gm

Tetrabutylammonium Hydroxide 40%, C.P                           1L

Tetrachloroethylene, C.P                                                             2.5L

Tetrahydrofuran, C.P                                                                     2.5L

N,N,N,N, Tetramethylenediamine, C.P                                  100ml

Thallous Acetate,                                                                             25gm

Thimerosal, B.P                                                                                 5gm

Thioglycollic Acid, C.P                                                                     1L

Thiourea, C.P                                                                                     500gm

Thiourea, C.P                                                                                     250gm

Thymol Blue,w.s.pH Indicator, Stain                                        25gm

Thymol Blue, 0.1% Aquoes Solution, Stain                            500ml

Thymol, C.P                                                                                        100gm

Thymolphthalein, pH Indicator, Stain                                      5gm

Tin(II) Chloride, A.R                                                                         500gm

Tin(IV) Chloride, A.R                                                                       100gm

Tin(II) Sulfate, A.R                                                                           500gm

Titanium Dioxide, C.P                                                                     1kg

Toluene, A.R                                                                                      2.5L

p-Toluene Sulfonic Acid, C.P                                                       500gm

Toluidine Blue, Stain                                                                       25gm

Tri-butylamine, C.P                                                                         500ml

Trichloroacetic Acid, A.R                                                                500gm

Trichloroacetic Acid, A.R                                                                250gm

1,1,1,Trichlorotrifluoroethane, A.R                                           2.5L

Trichloroethylene, C.p                                                                   2.5L

1,1,2,Trichlorotrifluoroethane,A.R                                            2.5L

Triethanolamine, C.P                                                                      2.5L

Triethyl phosphate, C.P                                                                 1L

2,2,4,Trimethylpentane, A.R                                                       2.5L

Triton X-100, A.R                                                                              1L

Tropaeolin O, Stain                                                                          25gm


Tween20                                                                                             500ml

Tween40                                                                                             500ml

Tween60                                                                                             500ml

Tween80                                                                                             500ml

L-Tyrosine                                                                                           100gm


Universal Indicator Solution, pH4-10, Stain                           500ml

Universal Indicator Solution, pH1-14, Stain                           500ml

Uranyl Acetate, A.R                                                                        25gm

Urea, A.R                                                                                             500gm

Urea, C.P                                                                                             1kg


Wanklyns Soap Solution                                                                                2.5L

Wij’s Iodine Solution                                                                      2.5L


Xylene                                                                                                  2.5L


Ziehl-Neelsen Carbol Fuchsin,microbiology 2.5L

Zinc Granulated, C.P                                                                       1kg

Zinc  Powder, C.P                                                                             500gm

Zinc Acetate, 2-Hydrate, C.P                                                       100gm

Zinc Carbonate, Basic, C.P                                                            500gm

Zinc Chloride, C.P                                                                             1kg

Zinc Chloride, C.P                                                                             500gm

Zinc Nitrate, 6-Hydrate, C.P                                                         500gm

Zinc Oxide, C.P                                                                                  500gm

Zinc Stearate, C.P                                                                             250gm

ZincmSulfate,7-Hydrate, A.R                                                       500gm

ZincmSulfate,7-Hydrate, A.R                                                       500gm




























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